Aerial Photography & Videography

Matte Black Media is proud to announce that we are fully CAA certified to fly and operate UAS for aerial photography and videography. 

We aim to provide our clients with a large range of photographs, including multiple angles, close and far range shots, and top down 'map view' photographs. We are able to digitally remove any eyesores from above, i.e. skips, cars etc.

Our UAS is highly capable and shoots in high resolution, we shoot multiple exposures so that the images match up with our normal photographs on the ground.

We are required to fill out and archive our risk assessments & surveys, so there is no extra responsibility put onto our client when they ask for this service. We are fully insured.

Take a look below at some of our aerial photography & videography work to date:

Field Cottage

The Hall - Leverton


Holland House (Antons Gowt)