Our Editing Features for Real Estate

Our editing process includes fixing vertical angles, HDR, window pulls, sky & TV swaps, image enhancing & a stylistic touch. Our clients enjoy the benefit of a quick setup & turnaround time, in most cases we can deliver our final product within 24 hours of shooting a given property.

We also offer floor plans, slideshows & 360 degree virtual tours

Scroll down to see some examples of our editing and services.

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Sky Swaps

People always say that we bring the weather with us! Even if it's a grey day for the shoot, we can edit those clouds away & put in a beautiful summers sky.

TV Swaps

We feel like adding an image to any blank screens helps to show the home look lived in. Any image can be used including your company logo.

Image Enhancement

Our images come standard fully professionally edited, using professional photo editing suites. The process we work with allows for us to bring out the best of an image, allowing details to be seen in all the highlights and shadows. Colours are kept true to life and the images are kept faithful to the actual location. We find our images pop out in the midst of scrolling endlessly through property listings.

Feature Shots

If you have a feature property, its best to show it off in all its glory. When we are sent to a property, furnished or not we do our best to capture what we call 'moments' across the space. We find it helps to excite the viewer & to keep our creative juices flowing.

Fixing Vertical Angles

We like to fix our vertical angles and stand the buildings up straight, as sometimes the camera warps the perspective. This helps all the images look uniform in your shop front or on your website.

Floor Plans

Upon request we can provide floor plans, we can use your company colour scheme for rooms if preferred.

360 Degree Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours allows our clients to explore spaces without being there in person. We feel that they help to compliment our photography & show off a business or property, allowing the viewer to move around the space freely. 'Highlights' can be added to provide links around the space to take you to related webpages. Floor plans & a Dollhouse view are incorporated into the tour. We are Google Street View Trusted which allows us to integrate our 360 tour into Google Maps, Google Street View & Google Earth. Can be used with a virtual reality (VR) headset for full immersion. Here is an example that we created for a commercial property we shot.


Another service we provide is moving photo slideshows. We like try to make the video flow naturally as if you are walking through the property, seeing the rooms as you would in person. We use transitions and graphic text to identify specific features and we are members of a royalty free music service which allows us to choose from many different genres of music to suit the property.

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