Agricultural Photography & Videography

We understand that high quality imagery from a corporate standpoint has become more and more important due to the popularity and rise of the internet and digital marketing. That's why we offer to be your all-in-one team for anything photo, video and media related.


Over the past few years we have been working for multiple internationally trading agricultural engineering companies, providing photo and video content for their marketing, social media, website & brochure use.

Throughout our time working for these companies, we have produced many videos to help far reaching potential customers to learn more about both the products and the company that engineers and manufactures them!

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Agricultural Photography 


Shooting on Location

We have the ability to shoot both on site or on location given the requirements for the shoot.

Our portable studio setup can be brought when requested, allowing us to shoot anything from professionally lit product imagery of large machinery to corporate headshots at a moments notice.

Scotts Tutorial Videos

Scotts Precision Manufacturing were spending countless hours on the phone to their customers to help them through simple setup procedures & to tell them how to get the best out of their machinery.

We filmed a series of 12 tutorial videos about the frequently asked questions, allowing them to simply send a link to the series of videos to their struggling customers. 

They then implemented a QR code sticker onto their machinery so that customers can quickly access the videos. This gave them more time in the office to focus on sales of their products, boosting their sales.

Get More Engagement

Having higher quality imagery leads to more opportunities for your business to be seen on a mass level.


Our images have found their way into the renowned Farming Monthly Magazine and other recognised farming magazines & brochures in the form of promo material for the engineering firms. 

As fully qualified drone pilots we can provide a unique oversight of the machinery in action. 

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CAA Certified
Drone Pilots

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